Yes – here it is – the historic event nobody’s been waiting for – Firestone Books’ first ever blog!  Who knows what momentous news will be broadcast on these great pages?  Not me, I haven’t a clue – but I can guarantee that I will not post photos of meals I’m in the process of eating.  Not because I don’t want to but because I’m not sure how to upload photos.  But, rest assured, if I do find out (probably from my five year old son) cuisine will definitely* be on the menu.

Who it this writer of blogs? – I don’t hear you ask – Well my name’s David Lear.  Like King David (of Bible fame) and King Lear (of Shakespeare fame).  And Firestone Books is my little publishing company.

Hopefully I’ll be able to link this up with Twitter, FriendFace, and other social media so my many followers (both of them) can read my latest twaddle.  If you’ve got nothing better to do you can always return here and read my latest blog.  Or some old ones, like crumpled love letters that you just can’t part with.

And here’s some breaking news, just in – my next blog will be about how I set up my company!

*Definitely not

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