Cover - Final.jpgIt wasn’t me – that was paint on my hands.  But if you want to know whodunit – or if you’re a GCSE student about to study this play – pick up one of our fabulous annotation-friendly editions of Jason Priestley’s J.B. Priestley’s classic An Inspector Calls!

Annotation-friendly – what’s that? I hear nobody ask.  It’s specially designed for pupils, with lots of extra space for making your own handy annotations.  There are even blank pages at the end of each act for making all the notes you need to help you reach that higher grade.  And there’s a glossary explaining funny words, and a great introduction by YouTuber (and English teacher) Mark Birch, and there’s even helpful advice on annotating.  Phew!

Apologies for the shameless plug, and I’m being a bit premature here as it’s not out yet, but hopefully it will be by the beginning of September.  Contact me ( if you need more information.

Isn’t the cover nice?  If you ever write your own book and need a cover designer then I don’t think you can do better than XL Book Cover Design.

And – last shameless plugs, I promise – this book should also be out soon in large print and dyslexia-friendly editions!  The annotation-friendly edition is £7.99 but if you’re a school you can get really good discounts on bulk orders!