September 12, 2019

Why Are Spiders Real?


Questions from my son

I have young son, who asks somewhere in the region of 235963489732 questions a day.  As some of them are very odd I thought I’d share some with you:

Dad – What was the third egg you ever ate?
Do trains sometimes have races with tigers?
Do pigeons have their own best colours and secret colours?
Who was the first person to rent a TV?
Why are spiders real?

An Inspector Still Hasn’t Called

If you’ve been reading my blogs then firstly, thank you! And secondly, you will know I’m in the process of getting the rights from Penguin to publish An Inspector Calls in a variety of formats and that Penguin have been very, very s-l-o-o-w.  Well they’re still being slow, and now they’ve said that they didn’t receive the signed contract that I sent them three weeks ago.  And the person I need to discuss this with is away.  Huff!

School Angel

Anyway, onto better – much better – things!

I’m pleased to announce that we will soon be supporting a great charity called School Angel which supports disadvantaged children across the UK.  10% of our profits from our forthcoming revision guides and key quotations books will go to help schoolchildren via School Angel.  If you’d like to support School Angel, or see if your school might benefit click here.