green-leekHere I am minding my own business when – drip, drip, drip.  I notice that the flat roof of my office (really an upstairs room) has started leaking.  I tell my wife the bad news.  I put a bucket under the leak.  I call a roofer.  My wife then shows me the porch has also started leaking.  Two leaks – at the same time.  Goodness – It never rains but it pours.  Still the roofer has said he will be here soon, though I’ll probably need to sell more books, or perhaps both kidneys, an elbow and armpit to cover the costs.

Onto better news – Penguin have finally given the green light for Firestone Books to publish An Inspector Calls.  But no sooner have they done that Amazon have requested proof that we have the rights before they make it available on their website.  I sent them a copy of the contract between Firestone Books and Penguin, but Amazon said they’d have to look into it, and it could take up to a week.  They’d better say yes (grr!) as about 80% of our sales are via Amazon.

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