October 7, 2019

Of VAT and Men

Hurrah!  We’ve finally managed to gain the rights to An Inspector Calls, and Amazon are now selling the Annotation-Friendly and Dyslexia-Friendly editions.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll know this has been going on (and on and on) for something close to an eternity.  I’ve just been shouting about this in that crowded, noisy room called Twitter but I doubt anyone’s any the wiser.  I’ve also been trying to get the rights to Blood Brothers by Willy Russell and Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck but I’ve yet to hear back.  If they ever get back, I’ll let you know.

I mentioned we had two leaks at the same time a fortnight back.  My wife said that a new roof would be better than a repair, and then said she’d prefer a loft conversion to a new roof.  The first loft conversion man to visit was very cagey about costs.  The second said it’d be around £42,000.  A week later it crossed my mind that he might just have omitted VAT.  I phoned him and he confirmed what I feared, he – like many builders (and the publisher, Penguin) – cleverly decided to omit the tax from the calculation so the final bill would be far higher than the estimate – almost £10,000 I suspect in this case.

Right – back to work.  If your school needs say 50,000 books, please do let me know.