October 10, 2019

Size Matters

Front Cover AIC DFRight then, which do you prefer – six inches or seven inches?   Or perhaps to you size does not matter.  It matters to some though, and I suppose with hind sight I can’t blame them.  “It’s just not big enough, David,” someone said to me recently, and I have to concede to this inadequacy.

Let me explain…

When I mulled over the dimensions of our three versions of An Inspector Calls (annotation-friendly, dyslexia-friendly and large print) I thought that setting all the covers at 6 x 9 inches was about the right size.  It didn’t matter to me that all our other dyslexia-friendly and large print books were 7×10 inches.  As far as I was concerned, this newer, smaller size was better.

Until I had to explain to someone that now our dyslexia-friendly books were a mixture of sizes, and the next day another customer complained that the book was smaller than usual.

I had messed up.  I had misjudged.   I had formatted the interiors and commissioned covers that didn’t fit with the rest of our titles.

So now I have reformatted the interiors so they are 7×10 and I’ve asked the (very patient) cover designer James to resize the covers.  Hopefully he’ll do this in the next week or so, and our newly resize books will be available before the end of the month.

I will also send out the 7 x 10 version to those (two) who were unhappy with the smaller size.

If you’d like some good news, the annotation-friendly edition is selling well and might just go on to become our best-ever selling book.  Hurrah!