cropped-logo-linkedin.pngHello to all those of you who have dreamed of setting up your own publishing company – yes! – both of you.  Well boy are you in for a treat!  Because in the near future I’ll be uploading countless videos (ten-ish) on the “secrets” of setting up a publishing company.  The “secrets” that other publishing companies “don’t want you to know”.  And more twaddle besides.  And if the thought of “distribution centres” and “spine widths” doesn’t get you salivating, just think of sherbet dips.  Mmm, sherbet dips.

So if you want to know what videos I’ll be making – and I can see from that stifled yawn that you do – here are some titles to confuse you:

1 – Choose wisely
2 – Don’t be afraid
3 – Use Print on Demand
4 – Don’t Publish Fiction
5 – Book Covers
6 – Don’t Give Up
7 – Marketing
8 – Great Ideas
9 – Quality
10 – Execution

And seeing as you’re now really excited here’s a link to our YouTube channel where you can see some hastily cobbled together videos I’ve already uploaded.