November 5, 2019

It’s Party Time

web-res-animal-number-package-6Is it party time because we’ve got two books in the top 10 of one of Amazon’s more obscure charts – including An Inspector Calls  which is at number 1?  No.

It was in fact my son’s sixth birthday last week and we celebrated on Sunday with a few of his friends.  As well as lots of shopping and cooking (mostly pizzas) I had spend much of the time herding cats – or at least watching a bunch of manic six year olds.  To be fair they were well behaved for the most part, and thankfully there were only four of them.

One boy didn’t want to play musical statues as he’d never danced before, but he changed his mind soon enough.  He still lost though.

One other boy – a rather naughty one at that – kept asking me if they could all go upstairs.  “No!” I kept repeating.  On a couple of occasions he decided to go up anyway and I had to bring the protesting child back down.

The only girl at the party (who won musical statues) then happily put on a ballet performance (a little bit of Swan Lake) in front of an audience of about ten.  And very nice it was.

Cake. Games. Presents. What’s not to like?  I loved birthdays when I was a child and I love them still.