bicycle-race-queensIt took me weeks – or possibly years – to go from riding my bike with stabilisers to riding without.  It was a great feeling when I finally managed it.  My mum gave me an ice cream and said I could watch my He-Man DVD – and go to bed an hour later.  And my wife and son were very pleased for me too.

Well, when I took my son out to ride his bike yesterday (for the first time in months) he went from riding with stabilisers to riding confidently without, in about half an hour.  My wife and I had thought he’d take weeks and we told him as much.  Silly grown-ups.

We’ve just received the rights to use quotes from An Inspector Calls in our forthcoming books, An Inspector Calls: Revision Guide for GCSE and An Inspector Calls: 25 Key Quotations for GCSE.  This was over a year after making the initial applications…  I had been worried it might not get sorted before the publication date, and I’d have to delay the launch, and grovel to the authors…  But now there’s no need to worry.