January 20, 2020


japanese-grumpy-cat-angry-koyuki-moflicious-22My mum has had cats since 1982, when I was a little boy, and they’ve all been funny creatures in their different ways.  I was going to tell you about books.  Firestone Books’ books – but cats are more interesting and so I thought I’d foist some “funny” stories about our cats on you.

Beebles was our first cat.  He was black and white and, sadly, grew to be a pretty aggressive cat.  Cats – like people – have personalities, and poor Beebles seemed to be an unhappy and angry cat.  He attacked humans, Alsatians, seagulls and vets – especially vets.

So when my mum took Beebles for a check-up, she gave the man a good warning that Beebles would likely lash out.  The vet didn’t seem too bothered and got a small thermometer out.  My mum watched in horror as the vet then moved the thermometer towards Beebles’ bum to take a reading.  Mum warned the vet again – Beebles was looking distinctly unhappy, and ready to attack.  The vet then did the deed – and stuck the thermometer up Beebles’ bum.  And then it happened… with the thermometer up his bottom, Beebles began to purr…

Poor old Beebles.  He also jumped through our neighbours’ window when they’d put their Sunday dinner on the dining table. The old couple must have left the room a moment, and they came back just in time to see Beebles escape with the whole joint of beef.  Good old Beebles!