February 20, 2020

Cats and Slugs


Two books in the top 10 in some obscure category (Secondary Education) – including the number 1 spot for An Inspector Calls.  Jekyll and Hyde not doing too badly at number 8.

Both these beautiful covers were designed by James Fanthorpe of XL Book Cover Design.  He’s the best cover designer on the internet as far as I can tell, hence using his services.  If you want to check out things of immense beauty check out his amazing works.

My wife doesn’t like cats at all.  I love cats – mainly because they’re fairly independent creatures who don’t need huge amounts of looking after.  We had a cat called Jake, and he was lovely.  Our cats have brought us back all sorts of things – usually dead mice and birds.  Jake, however, once brought back – a dead cat…  We’re not sure if he killed it and brought it back for us, or whether he expected us to revive it.

Sometimes we’d feed Jake outside, and when he wandered off, slugs would slither in to his bowl, presumably to finish off the last morsels of cat food.  Anyway, Jake would then come back, look at the bowl, and then start to eat the slugs!  Yum!