July 3, 2020

RIP Bertrams

Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry for leaving such a huge gap between posts. But here’s a reason to write: I’ve just received a letter – more a tome – through the post relating to the sad demise of the huge wholesaler Bertrams. The tome was from their insolvency administrators.

Firestone Books had supplied Bertrams with lots of books over the years, but it wasn’t until February this year that we formally registered with them. Then – after sending them a couple of hundred books – they closed down due to coronavirus/lockdown.

I now have to try and claim what I can back from them, via their insolvency administrators.

Looking online I saw that Bertrams called in the administrators a couple of weeks ago, but somehow it passed me by. I read also that almost all their 450 staff were made redundant with immediate effect, which was very sad to hear. It probably includes all the lovely people I’ve dealt with over the years. All I can say now is I wish all the best to those who have lost their jobs. Very sad.

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