My mum has had cats since 1982, when I was a little boy, and they’ve all been funny creatures in their different ways.  I was going to tell you about books.  Firestone Books’ books – but cats are more interesting and so I thought I’d foist some “funny” stories about our cats on you. Beebles […]

I was supposed to put this out last week – and forgot… Hello to all those who read my blogs – yes, both of you – and welcome to the twenties!  Will they be roaring?  Will we all be dancing to jazz music, and drinking cocktails?  Will there be another financial crash? Why, yes, of course. […]

It took me weeks – or possibly years – to go from riding my bike with stabilisers to riding without.  It was a great feeling when I finally managed it.  My mum gave me an ice cream and said I could watch my He-Man DVD – and go to bed an hour later.  And my […]

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… And so am I.  I’ve put on so much weight, I’ll soon collapse into a black hole if I do nothing about it – so to combat this imminent danger I’ve started jogging – again.  I do enjoy jogging, and puffing away, imagining I’m Mo Farah running […]

My wife doesn’t watch football.  My son doesn’t really understand football.  So it was something of a surprise when my wife suggested we all go and watch Tottenham Hotspur Women play the formidable Arsenal Women. At £6.50 a ticket (£3.50 for children) it was a bargain compared to the men’s game.  (I had a quick […]

Is it party time because we’ve got two books in the top 10 of one of Amazon’s more obscure charts – including An Inspector Calls  which is at number 1?  No. It was in fact my son’s sixth birthday last week and we celebrated on Sunday with a few of his friends.  As well as lots […]

Hello to all those of you who have dreamed of setting up your own publishing company – yes! – both of you.  Well boy are you in for a treat!  Because in the near future I’ll be uploading countless videos (ten-ish) on the “secrets” of setting up a publishing company.  The “secrets” that other publishing […]