Our Jekyll and Hyde: Annotation-Friendly Edition is up to number 3 on the “Best Sellers in Secondary Education” Chart.  When it was at number 5 I thought I’d mention it on my blog if and only if it made it into the top 3 (which meant I could then take a screen shot).  And it […]

My chum, Mark, has come up with a marvellous idea – to create entire series of lessons for teachers to use so they don’t have to go through the very time-consuming process of putting together the lessons themselves.  The lessons would additionally be editable so teachers can tinker with them if they wish. Mark is […]

Feel free to congratulate me on uploading an image – albeit a hazy one – onto my blog for the first time. I’ve signed up for a mentoring scheme where people who know the publishing ropes act as mentors and help clueless types like me.  The Independent Publishers’ Guild who run the scheme have been […]

Long ago, I wrote rubbish stories.  I loved writing rubbish stories and, in occasional fits of madness, I’d send them off to magazines in exchange for rejection letters.  On one occasion – and it was only once – a book publisher decided they’d publish one of my short stories in an actual book.  Obviously they’d made a […]

Yes – here it is – the historic event nobody’s been waiting for – Firestone Books’ first ever blog!  Who knows what momentous news will be broadcast on these great pages?  Not me, I haven’t a clue – but I can guarantee that I will not post photos of meals I’m in the process of […]