They’re almost ready to go – after a year and a half of preparation!  Our revision guides will, at the end of this month, be ready for purchase through Amazon, Waterstones, and other fabulous retailers. Our cover designer, James, is frantically working on the last cover (Romeo and Juliet: 25 Key Quotations for GCSE) – […]

I don’t like living in Edmonton. We have drug dealers a few doors down, and the police have been to their house on a number of occasions of late.  These dealers have even been clambering over back fences including ours to get into the house, and managed to break part of our fence while making […]

Two books in the top 10 in some obscure category (Secondary Education) – including the number 1 spot for An Inspector Calls.  Jekyll and Hyde not doing too badly at number 8. Both these beautiful covers were designed by James Fanthorpe of XL Book Cover Design.  He’s the best cover designer on the internet as far […]

I saw a film “Swallows and Amazons” (1974 version) a year or so ago, with my son, and we were so captivated by it that I bought the DVD, which we watched around ten times over the following months.  Recently I ordered a book “The Making of Swallows and Amazons” by Sophie Neville, who played […]

My mum has had cats since 1982, when I was a little boy, and they’ve all been funny creatures in their different ways.  I was going to tell you about books.  Firestone Books’ books – but cats are more interesting and so I thought I’d foist some “funny” stories about our cats on you. Beebles […]

I was supposed to put this out last week – and forgot… Hello to all those who read my blogs – yes, both of you – and welcome to the twenties!  Will they be roaring?  Will we all be dancing to jazz music, and drinking cocktails?  Will there be another financial crash? Why, yes, of course. […]

It took me weeks – or possibly years – to go from riding my bike with stabilisers to riding without.  It was a great feeling when I finally managed it.  My mum gave me an ice cream and said I could watch my He-Man DVD – and go to bed an hour later.  And my […]