Bespoke Services


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It means so much to us as a department to have such a personal service that enables us to do the very best for our pupils… We look forward to buying from you again next year.

                      Sharon Scotton, Reigate School

We are now offering a bespoke service where we can format books to order – and all at little or no extra cost!  We can amend the cover and interior of the book in any number of ways, including:

  • Changing the font type or size to best suit pupils’ needs
  • Add wider margins, extra spacing between lines, or insert blank pages for note-taking
  • Put the name of the school on the front cover and interior, to give pupils a sense of pride
  • Put the school badge or motto on the cover and interior
  • Insert a teacher’s introduction for the pupils
  • Look to carry out any other request, and help your pupils achieve the best results possible

For a friendly and informal discussion about this service please don’t hesitate to email us: