Questions from my son I have young son, who asks somewhere in the region of 235963489732 questions a day.  As some of them are very odd I thought I’d share some with you: Dad – What was the third egg you ever ate? Do trains sometimes have races with tigers? Do pigeons have their own […]

Two things: 1 – I need to write something for my blog. 2 – I’m getting very impatient about waiting for the rights to An Inspector Calls. Is it so wrong of me to harangue the lovely people at Penguin for taking so long to give Firestone Books the rights?  Admittedly the people I’m contacting probably […]

 Have I dumped socialism and caring about others, for capitalism and a dog-eat-dog, greed-is-good mentality? Why, yes! [See Note 1 below] – and where better to look for inspiration on how to run a business (which is what I try to do) than my favourite programme The Apprentice [See Note 2] [Note 1 – Not really […]

A stitch in time saves nine. The early bird catches the worm. A sock on the hand is worth four monkeys on a Tuesday. In other words I’m probably about to plug our – FANTASTIC – FABULOUS – WONDERFUL – SUPER-USEFUL – GCSE-GRADE-BOOSTING Revision Guides – too soon.  I mean they’re not out until April […]

It wasn’t me – that was paint on my hands.  But if you want to know whodunit – or if you’re a GCSE student about to study this play – pick up one of our fabulous annotation-friendly editions of Jason Priestley’s J.B. Priestley’s classic An Inspector Calls! Annotation-friendly – what’s that? I hear nobody ask.  It’s specially designed […]

Our Jekyll and Hyde: Annotation-Friendly Edition is up to number 3 on the “Best Sellers in Secondary Education” Chart.  When it was at number 5 I thought I’d mention it on my blog if and only if it made it into the top 3 (which meant I could then take a screen shot).  And it […]

My chum, Mark, has come up with a marvellous idea – to create entire series of lessons for teachers to use so they don’t have to go through the very time-consuming process of putting together the lessons themselves.  The lessons would additionally be editable so teachers can tinker with them if they wish. Mark is […]