Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat… And so am I.  I’ve put on so much weight, I’ll soon collapse into a black hole if I do nothing about it – so to combat this imminent danger I’ve started jogging – again.  I do enjoy jogging, and puffing away, imagining I’m Mo Farah running […]

My wife doesn’t watch football.  My son doesn’t really understand football.  So it was something of a surprise when my wife suggested we all go and watch Tottenham Hotspur Women play the formidable Arsenal Women. At £6.50 a ticket (£3.50 for children) it was a bargain compared to the men’s game.  (I had a quick […]

Is it party time because we’ve got two books in the top 10 of one of Amazon’s more obscure charts – including An Inspector Calls  which is at number 1?  No. It was in fact my son’s sixth birthday last week and we celebrated on Sunday with a few of his friends.  As well as lots […]

Hello to all those of you who have dreamed of setting up your own publishing company – yes! – both of you.  Well boy are you in for a treat!  Because in the near future I’ll be uploading countless videos (ten-ish) on the “secrets” of setting up a publishing company.  The “secrets” that other publishing […]

My wife is Bulgarian, and she decided that this year we should go to her home country.  Bulgaria. Beware of taxi drivers though.  As well as trying to rip us off – the details of which I’lll not bore you with.  Our taxi driver decided to play Bulgarian Roulette with our lives. As Obzor, a […]

While the potential cost of getting the loft converted continues to escalate into silly amounts of money (though I’m not laughing) my poor son (aged five) is getting heaps of homework from school.  He needs to read every day, go on some weird new learning website regularly, write stuff, do maths, etc.  Basically, all work […]

Right then, which do you prefer – six inches or seven inches?   Or perhaps to you size does not matter.  It matters to some though, and I suppose with hind sight I can’t blame them.  “It’s just not big enough, David,” someone said to me recently, and I have to concede to this inadequacy. Let […]