We have a growing collection of novels, short story collections and plays from some of the finest writers in the English language.  We also offer many of these books in large print and dyslexia friendly editions.  Why not have a look below and see if anything takes your fancy?


New R&J Cover New Much Ado Cover New Hamlet Cover.png

Romeo and Juliet

by William Shakespeare

Much Ado About Nothing

by William Shakespeare


by William Shakespeare

New MoV Cover.png New King Lear Cover.png New Macbeth Cover.png

The Merchant of Venice

by William Shakespeare

King Lear

by William Shakespeare


by William Shakespeare

New Othello Cover.png New Tempest Cover


by William Shakespeare

The Tempest

by William Shakespeare



Silas RP Shadow Jekyll and Hyde RP Shadow Frank RP Shadow

Silas Marner

by George Eliot

The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde 

by Robert Louis Stevenson


by Mary Shelley

P&P RP Shadow ACC RP Shadow Alice Shadow.png

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen

A Christmas Carol 

by Charles Dickens

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

by Lewis Carroll

12 Years RP Shadow Man in the Moone RP Shadow

12 Years a Slave

by Solomon Northup

The Man in the Moone

by Francis Godwin

Short Story Collections

Whistle Shadow Early SF 1 RP Shadow Early SF 2 RP Shadow

Whistle and I’ll Come to You and Other Supernatural Tales

by M R James

Early Science Fiction Tales 1: The Earliest SF Stories Ever: 51BC – 1638AD

Early Science Fiction Tales 2: SF Before Verne and Wells: 1648 – 1844