The Man in the Moone
Stars      A Worthy Dream – Worth Sharing!
Stars     Great short story.

Whistle and I‘ll Come to You and Other Supernatural Tales
Stars      Great Stories!                                                                                               Stars       First read in the 1970’s and very pleased to obtain a copy of a fascinating story.

Early Science Fiction Tales 1
Stars     Really enjoyable random find. All the stories/excerpts contained within are charming and a couple are truly beautiful.

The Hound of the Baskervilles: Annotation-Friendly Edition
Stars      Five stars.

Sherlock Holmes Large Print: Volume 1
Stars      Bought for a partial sighted patient. Her smile said it all.

Sherlock Holmes Extra-Large Print: Volume 1
Stars     Brilliant present for my dad who has problems with his eyesight but loves to read.

Jekyll and Hyde: Annotation-Friendly Edition
Stars      Fairly big print, lots of space for notes.                                                Stars      My son is dyslexic and there are big margins for him to make notes and large print easier for him to read.
Stars      Great product would buy again.

Jekyll and Hyde: Dyslexia-Friendly Edition
Stars      Ideal for dyslexic students.

Macbeth: Dyslexia-Friendly Edition
Stars      I ordered the book for my teenager in year 11. This book is perfect for helping to read the complex writings of you have dyslexia, with slightly discoloured pages and large gapes between text. It also allows space to annotate your notes. Nice soft touch cover as well. It is quite a bit bigger than a normal book, but well worth buying.
Stars      My daughter was struggling with text issued at school, brought her this and her teacher agreed. Been an amazing help.
Stars     Much easier to understand than the original book.  Five stars. Stars     Easy to use :- gcse Tutor loves it too.    

Macbeth: Annotation-Friendly Edition 
Stars      Very useful.