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Firestone Books specialises in educational books, including our new and innovative bespoke editions for schools.  As well as publishing regular print books, we meet schools’ needs by publishing large-print, dyslexia-friendly and annotation-friendly versions of classics.  Our bespoke service involves tailoring books to your needs so pupils are given the greatest advantage possible – and at little or no extra cost.  Why not click on the above links to find out more?

We specialise in providing you with expert help on finding or creating the best books for your students.  We are renowned for our quick, helpful and friendly customer service.  We promise not to blind you with jargon and will take the time to talk to you about our services.

If you are a UK institution looking to bulk purchase a book, buying directly from Firestone Books will almost certainly be cheaper than ordering online.  For discounts of between 10% and 50% why not contact editor@firestonebooks.com to find out how much you could save?

Our lovely edition of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, with an introduction by Dr Anne Rooney, author of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde: York Notes for GCSE, is now available via Waterstones:Jekyll and Hyde