We have currently completed recruiting authors for the current series of books, but will be recruiting again at the end of 2019.  We will most likely be recruiting authors for GCSE revision guides and for workbooks.  Most of these will relate to English and Maths, but we are open to authors, with relevant teaching experience who may wish to write books for other GCSEs.

We are looking ideally for someone who fulfils most or all of the following criteria:

  • Has taught the relevant subject at GCSE level (Essential)
  • Has worked as an examiner for an awarding body* (Desirable)
  • Has writing experience (Desirable)

We are most likely to publish someone who approaches us now rather than in the future, as we will generally publish the work of the first suitable author, rather than wait for someone who might (and quite possibly might not) be better at some later date.

Please do follow via social media for the most up-to-date information, or email if you have any queries.

*Anyone who is currently a senior invigilator will most likely not be allowed by the relevant awarding body to author a GCSE-related book due to potential conflicts of interest.  In such cases, prospective authors should check with the relevant awarding body first.